Monday, May 15, 2017

Gardens, flowers, birds and bees

This weekend we spotted our first hummingbird in our yard - just in time as the feeder went out.  Blood root is blooming in the front yard.  Days (or parts of days) are refreshingly warm and pleasant - but we always have a light coat on hand.   I'm working on the June/July issue and enjoy taking photos of current sites and pulling together happenings.  I'd love for more advertisers to place ads in this neighborhood publication.  This issue wraps up 5 years of producing this bi-monthly publication.  This began in the summer of 2012.  Thanks to the readers and supporters of this project.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


We've had a few nice days or even hours of warmer weather to enjoy.  The snow slowly melts and seeps into the ground nourishing the plants.  The April/May issue is ready and has been distributed.  You'll learn about Sam Snively who lived just over Hawk Ridge on his farm, a couple teachers (one retired), a cool projects with Bluebirds, have a page to color of a bridge from Seven Bridges Road, and learn about lots of events in the community.  I always include resources to connect people and some photos taken recently.

I hope you can join together to play Bunco on April 25.  I'll teach everybody how to play this simple, fun game.  It's also a fundraiser for Circle of Hope so $10 donation is requested.

I'm also offering bus trips again this summer.  Eleven day trips are scheduled - going north, east and south.  We'll go on cruises, see theater performances, go to the Capitol, go to art fairs, eat out, and enjoy the scenic beauty and interesting history of events and places.  Please sign up early.  The trip list is at

Enjoy the days ahead.  The sunrises and sunset colors are short-term but beautiful.  Golfers are ready to play, I'm sure and the hockey players will have to wait until next year.  Get out on the Lakewalk, enjoy Brighton so close to home, and thank you for reading the current issue.

Monday, January 30, 2017

February is oh so fine - newsletter ready

I hope you'll enjoy the Feb/March issue and get to know more about the activities and updates happening in Lakeside.  There are some 'hotspots' like the Portman ice rinks.  New owners are now in place and are working on a sprucing up of the Snap Fitness Center.  Some neighbors are working toward a memorial for a popular and super friendly cat that once roamed the area.  An awesome person coordinates school groups and their visits to the Great Lakes Aquarium and lives in Lakeside - Samantha Smingler.  I also have included a handful of upcoming events in the community and some volunteer opportunities.
Have a sweet Valentine's Day and wear a bit of green for celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Holidays and Winter

Snow has come.  The Dec/Jan issue is out with topics ranging from a Q&A on Meals on Wheels at Ecumen Lakeshore, Dance lessons in Lakeside, after school activities, lit church windows, interview with the head of the Swedish choir and more.  It's pasty season, goodies time of year, and purdy window decorations.

In the next issue there will be a memorial for the Great Catsby who was hit by a car a short time ago. He will be sadly missed.

You'll also meet an Great Lakes Aquarium educator and learn more about HAM radio.

If you would like to submit local history bits, news items, or Lakeside photos - please send them before the Jan 14 deadline.

Thank you to new and returning advertisers and subscribers for supporting this publication.

Thank you to the postal workers who get an extra workout in the cold and high mail volume time of year.

Here's a glimpse from the past couple months - the pumpkin train stops on the pumpkin patch in Lakeside.   Pasties at Lakeside Presbyterian Church.  They are one of several churches that make thousands of them.  Freshly made, then freeze for a handy, hot meal.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Announce your business - place an Ad

The Look at Lakeside is a great place to place an ad to announce your business.  Whether your business is right along Superior Street or in your home - or even just a website - this newsletter can help you reach more people.
Your ads help support this publication that is very local and helping people learn more about Lakeside - its past and present.
Assorted ad sizes are available and a discount is available for running an ad four times and pre-paying.  Give me a call, send an email, go to the Look at Lakeside Facebook page and message me if you have any questions.  The next deadline is coming up soon.  The newsletter comes out every two months so deadlines are 2 months apart.  If you need a business card scanned or an ad created let me know.  Web ads are also an option for this site.
Thanks for your support.
Ad rates are easy to find on the website.


Monday, October 3, 2016

Hustle of the fall

The summer days are over as the school year begins.  The weekends are even more treasured to go outdoors.  Lakeside's main upcoming changes are the houses being built/put in at Dodge and 40th Ave. E.  Nine houses will go in.  The Oct/Nov issue gives information on the houses.  I also came across an interesting article on Robert Sweeny who was the head of the fish hatchery at its beginning days. You'll meet the nice couple - Bill and Janalee Reinke Lyth - who live in our neighborhood.  Check both the back calendar, ads, and the community calendar for upcoming activities.  Learn what you can learn about DNA from your dog, learn about a few businesses in Lakeside in the 1930s and about Duluth being Dementia-friendly.

If you have a topic you would like to share in the Look at Lakeside newsletter let me know.  I'd love to learn more about the history of houses and buildings and past people who lived here and to learn more about you - the people of today.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thank goodness the power is back!

What a storm and recovery from the storm.  Trees are still down and not all fallen branches have been removed.  Yards that once had grand trees in them are wide often.  A car parked on the street was smashed. Power lines dangled.  It's over and we move on.

In this current Look at Lakeside issue you can see some photos from the aftermath of the storm, learn about a bioblitz at Hawk Ridge, learn about the Wurlitzer theater organ at Lester Park United Methodist, and more.

Also, note the Love the Lester image contest.  Submit a photo, painting or sketch of the Lester River or an activity with the river by mid-September.  You could win a prize.

Have you marked your calendar for some upcoming area events like the Lester River Rendezvous?

Soon enough school will be back in session.  These precious summer days are numbered but thank goodness the super hot days will pass.  Take time for another swim in Lake Superior, catch some views of lightening lighting up the sky or maybe a meteor shower at night.  Hawk migration is beginning soon.  Even dragonflies will glide through as will the inline marathoners.

The interviewed person this issue was Sharon Dawson who does adaptive therapeutic yoga.

I have another bus trip tomorrow.  I'm excited to offer Up North Excursion day trips.  Check out the schedule through the website.