Sunday, July 12, 2015

3 years!

The Look at Lakeside newsletter has been being published for three years.  Time goes by.  All 18 issues are online. Thank you to advertisers, readers, subscribers, and people in Lakeside sharing history and making history.

In August I hope to create a lawn game night at the Lakeside Lester Park Community Club and also arrange at least 2 concerts this fall.

Residents of Lakeside/Lester Park and the many visitors get to enjoy our area on the east end of Duluth.  Brighton Beach has been pretty packed some days with people on the rocks and various kayakers and boats in the water.

My husband and I and some friends put our canoe in at 42nd Ave. E. beach and paddled over to a Glensheen Wednesday night concert.    We've also been out on the Lakewalk many days on foot or on our bikes.  Maybe some pounds will come off.....!

I'll be wrapping up the Aug/Sept issue this week.  I've been snapping more photos this week to put in.  I'm slowly working on adding a Facebook page and putting photos and announcements on it.

I stopped at the Faith Lutheran rummage sale and passed on a plate that I bought off ebay.  It was of the rustic bridge over the Lester River.   Now the community club will have it and might display it.
The plate was made in Germany and I don't know what year it dates to.

Take a dip in the waterfalls at the Lester River, mountain bike on the trails, walk on the Lakewalk, shop at the stores, eat here, picnic at the beach - there's a lot to do in Lakeside.

Enjoy the Look at Lakeside whether you read it on-line or via the hard copy.  Get ready for another issue soon.