Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little bit of grass

It's nearly the end of March and there's still feet of snow around with another 3-5 inches to come according to the forecast.  The April/May issue is now ready and distributed in the Lakeside area.  I did notice a small patch of grass in the yard right next to the street where the sun shines the most.  It's a good sign to see some grass as many of us are ready for daytime temperatures to go up past the freezing mark.  Actually, it's not bad for walking in the more clear parts of the neighborhood.

Here's a sampling of where the newsletter can be picked up to read:
        SuperOne Lakeside, Sammy's Pizza Lakeside, New London Cafe, Essentia Health, Portman Rec Center, Mt Royal Fine Foods, Lakeside Bakery, and over a dozen other locations.  Subscribers receive it in the mail or delivered. 

Every issue has a mix of community announcements, news, and some articles.  If you have a news items or would like to submit a photo or short article, check with me.  The June/July issue deadline is May 15.

Spring will come.