Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy Holidays and Winter

Snow has come.  The Dec/Jan issue is out with topics ranging from a Q&A on Meals on Wheels at Ecumen Lakeshore, Dance lessons in Lakeside, after school activities, lit church windows, interview with the head of the Swedish choir and more.  It's pasty season, goodies time of year, and purdy window decorations.

In the next issue there will be a memorial for the Great Catsby who was hit by a car a short time ago. He will be sadly missed.

You'll also meet an Great Lakes Aquarium educator and learn more about HAM radio.

If you would like to submit local history bits, news items, or Lakeside photos - please send them before the Jan 14 deadline.

Thank you to new and returning advertisers and subscribers for supporting this publication.

Thank you to the postal workers who get an extra workout in the cold and high mail volume time of year.

Here's a glimpse from the past couple months - the pumpkin train stops on the pumpkin patch in Lakeside.   Pasties at Lakeside Presbyterian Church.  They are one of several churches that make thousands of them.  Freshly made, then freeze for a handy, hot meal.