Sunday, November 13, 2016

Announce your business - place an Ad

The Look at Lakeside is a great place to place an ad to announce your business.  Whether your business is right along Superior Street or in your home - or even just a website - this newsletter can help you reach more people.
Your ads help support this publication that is very local and helping people learn more about Lakeside - its past and present.
Assorted ad sizes are available and a discount is available for running an ad four times and pre-paying.  Give me a call, send an email, go to the Look at Lakeside Facebook page and message me if you have any questions.  The next deadline is coming up soon.  The newsletter comes out every two months so deadlines are 2 months apart.  If you need a business card scanned or an ad created let me know.  Web ads are also an option for this site.
Thanks for your support.
Ad rates are easy to find on the website.