Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Thank goodness the power is back!

What a storm and recovery from the storm.  Trees are still down and not all fallen branches have been removed.  Yards that once had grand trees in them are wide often.  A car parked on the street was smashed. Power lines dangled.  It's over and we move on.

In this current Look at Lakeside issue you can see some photos from the aftermath of the storm, learn about a bioblitz at Hawk Ridge, learn about the Wurlitzer theater organ at Lester Park United Methodist, and more.

Also, note the Love the Lester image contest.  Submit a photo, painting or sketch of the Lester River or an activity with the river by mid-September.  You could win a prize.

Have you marked your calendar for some upcoming area events like the Lester River Rendezvous?

Soon enough school will be back in session.  These precious summer days are numbered but thank goodness the super hot days will pass.  Take time for another swim in Lake Superior, catch some views of lightening lighting up the sky or maybe a meteor shower at night.  Hawk migration is beginning soon.  Even dragonflies will glide through as will the inline marathoners.

The interviewed person this issue was Sharon Dawson who does adaptive therapeutic yoga.

I have another bus trip tomorrow.  I'm excited to offer Up North Excursion day trips.  Check out the schedule through the website.