Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Last issue - of the year 2015

The December issue of Look at Lakeside is ready.  The eight pages include bits on local businesses over the generations,  youth enrollment at the school district, information on a new swap shop, new bike trail, new future development that is getting a soil cleanup, contact for our new city councilor, science library, community events, teen drivers ed information, and more.  The Meet Your Neighbor article is on Nancy Cayemberg, an active community member volunteering in the neighborhood, serving as an election judge, and another big fan of living in Lakeside and visiting Lake Superior.  There are photos of a fun bell at the bakery and turrets along London Road, and the pair of sphinx statues that guard the road.

In 2016 I would love to have more people share their love of Lakeside with a poem, a story of involvement in a community project, or maybe a bit of history.  Good news to share?  

Thanks for being a reader of the newsletter.  Thanks to the subscribers and all the advertisers - new ones and continuing ones.

Happy holiday, winter season to all and good health and happiness in the new year!


By the way, if you'd be interested in buy a used Infrared Sauna we are ready to have it find a new home.  It's been a healing and warming place in our living room for the last few years.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Time in Lakeside

In Lakeside we can shop, eat, hike, walk, hang out by Lake Superior, buy used books, stop at a Little Free Library, golf, ice skate/ice hockey, watch hawks, hear/watch trains, see wildlife, go to church, grow a garden, go to a high school sports game, theater productions, and student-run restaurant, exercise, and other places to stop or activities.

One things I'd like you to come to is a Old-Time Music concert on Nov 5 (Thursday) at 6:30 p.m. at the Lakeside Lester Park Community Club.   The group will be Four Mile Portage.  The concert is only $4 a person and under 15 is free.  BYOD (Bring your own dinner) at 6 p.m.    Listen to live music in Lakeside.   If there is a good turnout I'll organize another live music event in the spring.

I work now at Duluth East part-time as a paraprofessional.  Not bad to have a 3 block commute.  Most of the youth are good and it's fun to see the variety of talent and experiences available at the high school.  I'm looking forward to going to the fall musical - The Addams Family - the end of October.

Other activities I do in town include putting on local art & gift fairs.  One is this weekend at the Lafayette Community Center on Park Point, 3026 Minnesota Ave. is the address.  Saturday, Oct 10 from 10AM-3PM there will be 16 local artists with locally-made things.  Actually one booth will be a local farmer so this year you can even buy cut flowers and a pumpkin.   Other upcoming fairs are Get Great Stuff Nov 14 at Duluth Congregational Church, 3833 E. Superior - next to Northland Country Club and Dec 5 the Get It Local Fair at the Peace Church, 1111 N. 11th Ave. E. Local authors and local writers  and at some local music and local nonprofits all are ways we can support local creativity and find some really great gifts.  I'll have to check my count again but I think the Get It Local gift fair will be the 50th fairs I've organized - or close to it.

The leaves are changing, the leaves are falling, some leaves are covering the storm sewers.  Rake 'em up if you can.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Cool Lakeside

The evening temps are dipping lower and the morning air is refreshing.  A hummingbird - rather chubby - is still visiting flowers in the yard.  This summer included several picnics out at Brighton Beach.  One picnic event was an oven pancake themed one.  We'll still do some outdoor eating when we can.  My husband and I also bought a croquet set and have been playing at assorted park squares in Lakeside.  He's been the winner every time so far.  We'll likely have a few more games this month and maybe I won't be in last place at one of the games.

Over the next week I hope a couple more ads will come in (Deadline is Sept 15) and I have several sets of notes to write up for articles.  I'll see if I turn some things I've learned about Lakeside into a quiz or just go for the Did You Know style.  If you have Lakeside/Lester Park news, calendar items, or ideas send over an email.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

3 years!

The Look at Lakeside newsletter has been being published for three years.  Time goes by.  All 18 issues are online. Thank you to advertisers, readers, subscribers, and people in Lakeside sharing history and making history.

In August I hope to create a lawn game night at the Lakeside Lester Park Community Club and also arrange at least 2 concerts this fall.

Residents of Lakeside/Lester Park and the many visitors get to enjoy our area on the east end of Duluth.  Brighton Beach has been pretty packed some days with people on the rocks and various kayakers and boats in the water.

My husband and I and some friends put our canoe in at 42nd Ave. E. beach and paddled over to a Glensheen Wednesday night concert.    We've also been out on the Lakewalk many days on foot or on our bikes.  Maybe some pounds will come off.....!

I'll be wrapping up the Aug/Sept issue this week.  I've been snapping more photos this week to put in.  I'm slowly working on adding a Facebook page and putting photos and announcements on it.

I stopped at the Faith Lutheran rummage sale and passed on a plate that I bought off ebay.  It was of the rustic bridge over the Lester River.   Now the community club will have it and might display it.
The plate was made in Germany and I don't know what year it dates to.

Take a dip in the waterfalls at the Lester River, mountain bike on the trails, walk on the Lakewalk, shop at the stores, eat here, picnic at the beach - there's a lot to do in Lakeside.

Enjoy the Look at Lakeside whether you read it on-line or via the hard copy.  Get ready for another issue soon.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Early summer - great time

The June/July issue is out.  Take a look and learn about the Masonic lodge meeting in Lakeside, meet a neighbor Chuck Bailey, learn about some upcoming events including a bunco game night and midsommar festival.  

The newsletter is also a place to share a celebration announcement - anniversary, birthday milestone,  birth, award, etc.  I also would love to learn more about houses here in Lakeside.

Happy reading and gardening.
Isn't it fun to have the hummingbirds dart around?


Friday, May 15, 2015

It's a newsletter finalizing weekend

This is the finalize the next issue weekend.  This issue will complete 3 years of producing the newsletter every two months.   This week I stopped in at the brainstorming meeting with the people working on the Lester Amity Chalet up Seven Bridges Road.  Stay tuned for events and open hours there.  I've also added a bunco game fundraising in June to support the Circle of Hope organization.  Check the newsletter for details.  Tomorrow I'll stop over at the Smelt Fry at the Masonic Temple and the rummage sale at St. Michael's Church.    As soon as the rain lets up it will be time to bring out the bikes.

Thanks to the new advertisers in this issue - the Duluth Woman's Club and for returning advertisers Duluth Dirt, Matilda's Bakery and Heritage Windows.  Thanks to renewing advertiser Lakeland Shores.  I have space for a couple more ads to ad this weekend.  
It was nice to interview a neighbor for the Meet a Neighbor article.  Two of my favorite things are announcing things and interviewing people.  Plenty more to do for the newsletter to finalize it.  It's interesting to take a blank page and fill it up.  I'm working on a short activity within the newsletter.  I'd love to hear from more people about their house history, something to celebrate, or even a poem on living in Lakeside.  

TGIF.  My day job will end next week.  It's been almost 3 years with the city of Superior and I've given notice.  I hope to pick up a local part-time position.  It was too many hours to go to Environmental Services and then work on other projects like the newsletter, art fairs, Dulcimer Day, teach biology, and do church board work.  I'll see what's ahead.   I do believe strongly in everyone's role in preventing pollution and do value wastewater treatment.  This week I've been putting together a program on the history of wastewater treatment in Superior.  I have old articles from 1891, the 1930s and 1950s on the beginnings of the system to treat sewage.  Pretty interesting, really!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Neighborhood Walk April 6 at 6:30 p.m.

With the extra daylight and spring-like temps let's go for a walk.  The slippery ice is gone and even though a bit of snow may still come this April, for the most part, Spring is here.

Through Look at Lakeside newsletter I've put together a couple tours and a fall hike.  Here's a short spring walk.  Our lovely Lakewalk that strides through Lakeside is a good place to start.
If you're interested meet at 40th Ave. E. and the Lakewalk at 6:30 p.m.  We'll head toward downtown and then turn around.    Walks are a good way to stretch the legs after a day of sitting.  I'm still trying to find the balance of not sitting all day though I'm not ready to stand at a computer either.

Maybe I'll see you on the walk.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Doing What I Can When I Can

Besides publishing this newsletter (which includes everything about putting it together: writing, contacting, layout, ad sales, invoice, distribution) I also work for the City of Superior at the wastewater treatment plant, teach a weekly biology class, organize local art & gift fairs and May 2 is the big Dulcimer Day folk music fest with 4 great musician instructors coming from multiple states.  I'm busy.  I also do things in the community.  With any bit of free time I like to go for walks in Lakeside.  The Lakewalk is great and the weather is getting better all the time.  Soon it will be bike riding time.  Maybe come this summer I'll be able to actually be in Lakeside a bit more than dashing off 6 or so mornings a week and having long days at work or on other projects.  I'd like to learn more about what's going on in Lakeside.  Some people return my calls when I call to inquire about something - most don't.  Some I call and email again but sometimes I just go on to a different topic.  It's interesting to me how the newsletter writing process is to have 8 blank pages- hope for some ads to really come through -  and then find what to include in the rest of the open space on pages.  Before I know it the issue is filled and I have plenty more ideas for future issues.
I think the newsletter works well as a community connector and share Lakeside news.   One more issue done.
Thanks to George Lewis for writing another short article and for the City of Duluth for submitting an article when I asked for more information.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love lakeside - Feb issue is ready

This issue is packed with news on Lakeside.  Read about the large AARP group that's been active in Lakeside for about 30 years, a fundraiser for Portman Hockey, Bela's Castle (Thanks George), church and youth activities, and even a bit on fur ranching.
The neighbors to meet this time are the Garnetts.   Plenty of calendar items are listed on the back page.
I enjoy collecting topics for future newsletters.  Old photos and current ones are welcome to be submitted.  The next deadline is March 15.    I don't have unlimited time to work on this project but I squeeze in what I can.  Thank you to subscribers and advertisers for supporting it.  I hope the newsletter serves to connect us.   Keep on learning about where we live.

Today I looked out and the boulevard trees were getting a trim.   Some holiday lights are still up and others are packed away for next year.
One more year until our house turns 100.  It's getting a bathroom ceiling fan in today.  Just as there are always more newsletter topics to learn more about a house becomes an ongoing project.  Maybe it will be time for wall color changes this spring.  We'll be growing potatoes in the back yard come summer time.  I hope to have a bit more time at home instead of dashing to work  and meetings this spring.  There is something about just being home.  Elmo our cat likes us home, too.