Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Last issue - of the year 2015

The December issue of Look at Lakeside is ready.  The eight pages include bits on local businesses over the generations,  youth enrollment at the school district, information on a new swap shop, new bike trail, new future development that is getting a soil cleanup, contact for our new city councilor, science library, community events, teen drivers ed information, and more.  The Meet Your Neighbor article is on Nancy Cayemberg, an active community member volunteering in the neighborhood, serving as an election judge, and another big fan of living in Lakeside and visiting Lake Superior.  There are photos of a fun bell at the bakery and turrets along London Road, and the pair of sphinx statues that guard the road.

In 2016 I would love to have more people share their love of Lakeside with a poem, a story of involvement in a community project, or maybe a bit of history.  Good news to share?  

Thanks for being a reader of the newsletter.  Thanks to the subscribers and all the advertisers - new ones and continuing ones.

Happy holiday, winter season to all and good health and happiness in the new year!


By the way, if you'd be interested in buy a used Infrared Sauna we are ready to have it find a new home.  It's been a healing and warming place in our living room for the last few years.