Monday, August 14, 2017

Mid-August already - here

Have you done all the projects that you wanted to do?  Have you gone to the places you wanted to? Have you achieved all the goals you wanted?  It's hard to believe mid-August has arrived.  We still have painting projects, finalizing yard projects, and a few more fun goals to do.  The days are still pretty long - with early sunrise and some evening light.  I mean to savor these final days of summer, eat plenty more fresh local veggies, bake a little, and enjoy the outdoors.  You can tell there have been plenty of visitors to Duluth.  Isn't is great that we are here already?   Here to head to Brighton Beach, here to go out on the Lakewalk, here to enjoy public garden spaces and eat locally-grown food.   We haven't played as much croquet as last year but we will squeeze some more times in.  I hope there can be more neighbor get-togethers, especially on a smaller scale.  Books clubs, walks, potluck dinners, perhaps games - for neighbors to come together.   Time for a bike ride, sit in the backyard or out on a public bench catching a few more summer sunshine in between the rain drops.  I also have my dulcimers out to play.  I enjoyed sharing music at Ecumen Lakeshore today and introducing dulcimers to others and adding a bit of Celtic and traditional music to people's day. What do you do for fun?