Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tour of Lakeside School building (St. Michael's School) on Friday, June 13

Come for a tour through the halls, stairways, up, down, wood, classrooms, and see a bit of Lakeside that's been here since 1893.  Tour starts at 8:30 a.m.  Meet indoor near the school office.  The school is at 47th Ave. E. and Pitt St.   Tour is limited to 12 people.  Guest attending include the current principal of St. Michael's School - Bill Van Loh and the last principal from Lakeside School (Principal from 1985-1993), Mavis Whiteman. 

 Every June Look at Lakeside newsletter will be hosting a tour of a site in or near Lakeside.
 Last year's tour was the Lakewood Pumping Station. 

Also, each fall LAL readers will be invited to lend a hand on a community support project.  The date and time will be announced in the fall newsletter. 

Thanks for reading the newsletter.  It's now 2 years old.