Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Gatherings

Let's face it - the summers are short.  Take advantage of the nice weather days (or parts of days) and head out to the lake shore or even to your backyard.  We love our deck.  It overlooks a vegetable garden that has been slow.  I also have a "super weed" growing.  It has yellow flowers and is taller than me.  I'd like to know what it is.  Could I have planted it?   The zucchini plants have had a growth spurt and it's fun to snap off a piece of kale to munch on. 

If you like to hike and go for walks perhaps you'd like to join me on Aug 9 at 8:30AM for a walk starting at the first pull off area on Skyline Parkway from Glenwood St.    With so much of my work week sitting indoors I look for opportunities to stand and move (This winter's pounds haven't left me yet so I'm working on that...)

It's fun to put together each issue of Look at Lakeside.  I learn as I go along.  Yes, there are some late nights and some advertisers that said yes but never submitted an ad but that's what goes with publishing something, I guess.   This is the start of the 3rd year for the newsletter.  I appreciate the readers' comments and feel that the newsletter is serving as a connecting point.  Something that Lakeside can 'have' every couple of months to share news and announcements. 

I have more distribution to do with this issue but the subscribers have had it delivered to their home or sent in the mail.   I happened to have one of the art fairs that I organize yesterday - it was the 6th year for Woman-Made and my 37th local art fair I've organized.  Since I had the new Aug/Sept issue I put them out at the 'reception/cookie' table and over 50 went throughout the day.   More people get to know about what's happening here.   Don't forget to try and answer the little questions throughout the issue and mark your calendar for the events.  Support the advertisers who are supporting this publication.  If anyone is interested in placing an ad the ad rates are at