Monday, January 20, 2014

First Post

This blog will coincide with the Look at Lakeside newsletter that comes out very two months.  The newsletter began in Aug 2012.  It's been going for a year and a half now publishing news, photos, history, and short articles on the neighborhood of Lakeside.  It's fun to ask questions, pull together information, and weave connections of the past and present.  I like to share what's going on and for people to share what they do and love in Lakeside.

This blog will be a way to send out quicker announcements than the newsletter.  The newsletter is online at 

The newsletter is one more project that I do in the Duluth area.  I combine ways of connecting people to local history, events, local art, and each other.   Through local neighborhood video productions, to over 35 local art & gift fairs, to a fair highlighting dulcimers, to community ed classes to writings in publications such as The Woman Today and the Transistor.   Just a few ways to be part of the community.  We love the nature of the area and I enjoy digging for information although it often takes longer than I anticipated.  I continue to plug away at what I can.  Thanks to my husband, Terry Brown, for doing web and computer tasks to help me.   Thanks Elmo (our cat) for not stomping on the computer this time as I write. 

Editor, Look at Lakeside