Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rain & Sun & Bus Trips

We've had our share of rain.  It's good for the plants and gardens.  Now the sun is shining and these long days are splendid.  It's great for having cookouts in the backyard, playing lawn games, hiking, biking, and assorted summer specialty activities like outdoor music concerts at Chester Bowl or the library.   We've added a couple more little bought sculptures in our yard and a new bench.  I pulled and cut a bunch of buckthorn and it's time to harvest the Rhubarb.  I planted cosmos and zinnias and don't know of the rain washed them away but I'll keep an eye out to see what grows.

If you didn't see the ad in the current Look at Lakeside newsletter, I'm now offering bus excursions from Duluth.  Nine trips are lined up and each trip has an art, music, nature, or history connection.  The first trips are in July.  July 14 will be a trip to beautiful Bayfield.  We'll stop at the White Winter Winery on the way out and have time to walk about Bayfield and the south shore.  We'll go to the Big Top Chautauqua for the Keeper of the Light musical on the history of light house keeping in the area.  The Up North Excursion includes your entrance to the show.  Meals are not included.  The trip is $79.  Sign up today!
The other 8 trips are at   Let's Go Explore the Northland together.
Have a fun and safe summer.  Be kind to the bees.  Why not convert some of your lawn to bee-friendly plants?