Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love lakeside - Feb issue is ready

This issue is packed with news on Lakeside.  Read about the large AARP group that's been active in Lakeside for about 30 years, a fundraiser for Portman Hockey, Bela's Castle (Thanks George), church and youth activities, and even a bit on fur ranching.
The neighbors to meet this time are the Garnetts.   Plenty of calendar items are listed on the back page.
I enjoy collecting topics for future newsletters.  Old photos and current ones are welcome to be submitted.  The next deadline is March 15.    I don't have unlimited time to work on this project but I squeeze in what I can.  Thank you to subscribers and advertisers for supporting it.  I hope the newsletter serves to connect us.   Keep on learning about where we live.

Today I looked out and the boulevard trees were getting a trim.   Some holiday lights are still up and others are packed away for next year.
One more year until our house turns 100.  It's getting a bathroom ceiling fan in today.  Just as there are always more newsletter topics to learn more about a house becomes an ongoing project.  Maybe it will be time for wall color changes this spring.  We'll be growing potatoes in the back yard come summer time.  I hope to have a bit more time at home instead of dashing to work  and meetings this spring.  There is something about just being home.  Elmo our cat likes us home, too.