Friday, May 15, 2015

It's a newsletter finalizing weekend

This is the finalize the next issue weekend.  This issue will complete 3 years of producing the newsletter every two months.   This week I stopped in at the brainstorming meeting with the people working on the Lester Amity Chalet up Seven Bridges Road.  Stay tuned for events and open hours there.  I've also added a bunco game fundraising in June to support the Circle of Hope organization.  Check the newsletter for details.  Tomorrow I'll stop over at the Smelt Fry at the Masonic Temple and the rummage sale at St. Michael's Church.    As soon as the rain lets up it will be time to bring out the bikes.

Thanks to the new advertisers in this issue - the Duluth Woman's Club and for returning advertisers Duluth Dirt, Matilda's Bakery and Heritage Windows.  Thanks to renewing advertiser Lakeland Shores.  I have space for a couple more ads to ad this weekend.  
It was nice to interview a neighbor for the Meet a Neighbor article.  Two of my favorite things are announcing things and interviewing people.  Plenty more to do for the newsletter to finalize it.  It's interesting to take a blank page and fill it up.  I'm working on a short activity within the newsletter.  I'd love to hear from more people about their house history, something to celebrate, or even a poem on living in Lakeside.  

TGIF.  My day job will end next week.  It's been almost 3 years with the city of Superior and I've given notice.  I hope to pick up a local part-time position.  It was too many hours to go to Environmental Services and then work on other projects like the newsletter, art fairs, Dulcimer Day, teach biology, and do church board work.  I'll see what's ahead.   I do believe strongly in everyone's role in preventing pollution and do value wastewater treatment.  This week I've been putting together a program on the history of wastewater treatment in Superior.  I have old articles from 1891, the 1930s and 1950s on the beginnings of the system to treat sewage.  Pretty interesting, really!